This video is of a lovely lady who desires that the the “apples” of her cheeks be reflated. I have the answer – Radiesse cheek fillers! As a simple in office procedure, watch as I reflate her cheeks to give her that attractive, youthful, and full cheeks she has always wanted.

As we age, loss of cheek volume, a result of reduced facial fat, bone and teeth resorption, as well as collagen loss are often observed. These natural aging processes, along with years of sun exposure, facial expressions, and genetic factors give us cheeks that are “hollow” and deflated.

I am using Radiesse, a long-lasting calcium-based facial filler, which is placed within the cheeks through a single entrance point to enhance the volume of her central face. This results in lifting her cheeks and the softening of the “parentheses” of her nasal-labial folds.

Radiesse lasts approximately 1 1/2 years at which time a touch-up will be necessary to maintain your desired look and appearance.

Interested in Radiesse or other long-lasting facial fillers? Please call Dr. Lebowitz, at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, in Huntington, Long Island NY for your free consultation at – 631-424-0101.

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