Watch as I perform breast augmentation (implants) surgery in my Huntington, Long Island NY office. This patient is 5’6”and weighs 120 pounds, with a pre-operative breast size of a B-Cup. She wanted to look better in clothes with more cleavage and projection, without the use of a bra pad, to feel more comfortable with her body and proportions. Like many of my patients, she got referred to my Huntington, Long Island NY practice from a patient that had already undergone breast augmentation (implants) by me. During our initial consultation, while listening to her specific desires and goals and trying on various implant sizers under her bra, she liked the overall look of a larger implant. A full discussion was then made about the differences between silicone versus saline implants, round versus tear-drop, over versus under the pectoralis major muscle, the projection of the implant (moderate, moderate plus, or high profile), as well as the location of the incisions. After a thorough discussion we collectively chose to go with a 500CC, round, high profile silicone implant placed under the pectoralis major muscle through an inframammary fold crease incision. During the start of the video, and before my first person surgical view of a breast augmentation (implants) procedure, you can see the top and bottom of a 350CC, round, moderate plus, silicone implant. Now let’s take a walk into the surgical suite! With the patient under general anesthesia, topical betadine has been used to sterilize the skin. Local anesthesia is administered at the surgical incision site to reduce post-operative breast augmentation (implants) related pain. I then use a sterile surgical marker to outline the incisions. Incisions are then made at the level of the inframammary fold or crease so the resulting scars are well hidden and inconspicuous. Cautery is used to prevent bleeding down to the pectoralis major muscle. A sub-muscular, breast augmentation (implants) pocket is then created with the help of an expander. The expander helps to dissect the pocket gently without trauma or cutting the muscle. I then use a sizer which, when inflated, matches the selected pre-operative implant size, shape, projection, and volume prior to actual implant placement. Once both sides are inflated, inspection of the pocket is made for symmetry. A Keller Funnel is used to insert the implant into the sub-muscular breast pocket. I prefer the Keller Funnel method due to it being a soft, sterile, single use, cone shaped instrument used to insert the implant during breast augmentation (implants) surgery as a no touch technique. Afterwards, the pockets are then once again checked for symmetry and perfection. The incisions are then closed in layers using all self-absorbing stiches, no stiches need to be removed, and dressings are applied. Final checking of the implants position was then made. A surgical bra is provided and the patient was then brought to the recovery room. Before leaving Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, located in Huntington, Long Island NY, the patient was provided detailed instructions for post-operative breast augmentation (implants) care as well as a follow up office appointment. Interested in breast augmentation (implants), a breast lift or breast reduction? Please call Dr. Lebowitz, at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, in Huntington, Long Island NY for your free breast-related consultation at – 631-424-0101.

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