In this video I am using Juvederm injections in my Huntington, Long Island NY office as a touchup to reflate and rejuvenate specific facial features of this lovely lady. After a Botox treatment she was still concerned with a groove of her left medial brow. She also wanted smoother “parenthesis” of her nasolabial folds, full, plump and more youthful lips, and a more defined jawline, all which were accomplished using Juvederm injections. As we age, loss of facial volume, a result of reduced facial fat, bone and teeth resorption, as well as collagen loss often leads to deflation, sagging, and wrinkling of the face. This natural aging process, along with years of sun exposure, facial expressions, and genetic factors all occur over time. With Juvederm injections, a natural occurring, hyaluronic acid filler, is placed within areas of concern for a smooth, natural, and long-lasting result. While Botox, a neuromodulator, is injected into facial muscles to smooth out wrinkles, Juvederm, a filler, is used to reflate lost facial volume and lines to bring back your youthful good looks. Juvederm lasts approximately 1 1/2 years at which time a touch-up will be necessary to maintain your desired look and appearance. Interested in Juvederm or other long-lasting facial fillers and injections? Please call Dr. Lebowitz, at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, in Huntington, Long Island NY for your free consultation at – 631-424-0101.

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