Thanks for visiting my blog again! This week’s video is of a lady at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, located in Huntington, Long Island NY who had a unilateral split earlobe of her right ear. Her right earlobe was split due to years of wearing heavy earrings and the natural aging process of collagen loss and skin thinning. She missed wearing her earrings and with her modern day shorter hair style, wanted to have her right earlobe cosmetically repaired and lifted for a more contoured, youthful and attractive look. Watch as I easily perform her surgery all under local anesthesia in my Huntington, Long Island NY plastic surgical office. She drove herself home, was able to shower 24 hours later and will return to my office in 1 week for suture removal. Her earlobe scar will be minimal and I will personally re-pierce her earlobe in about a month’s time to make sure that the new pierce location is cosmetically perfect. Are you interested in having your torn, ripped or split earlobe or earlobes cosmetically repaired? For children and adults, please give my office a call to schedule your free complementary consultation at – (631) 424-0101.

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