In this video I perform lip injections on a woman within my private Huntington, Long Island NY office. She now requested more facial injections, specifically in her lips, due to its thinning and volume loss. As you may have already seen in my prior post (Facial Injections), she had received facial injections of Botox, Juvederm Voluma and Radiesse. *While watching the video, please note how Botox removed the wrinkles of her forehead, lifted her eyebrows to a beautiful gull winged shape, removed her crow’s feet and reduced the stress lines of her chin and lip region. You can also note the lift and reflation of her new beautiful “v-shaped” smooth facial appearance with the use of Juvederm Voluma and Radiesse injections. I custom tailor all of my lip injections to regain a more youthful appearance for my patients. This is accomplished by using my unique blunt cannula technique which involves a single entry point on either side of their lips. This helps regain lost lip and chin volume without pain or bruising. I perform all the facial and lip injections myself, within my private office in Huntington, Long Island NY. I also use the blunt cannula technique with most of my facial injections for the best cosmetic results. Depending on the filler used, lip injections can typically last between 1-2 years. Small touchups will be required to maintain one’s desired lip enhancement. Many of my patients that request lip injections will also choose other facial injections; such as Botox, Radiesse and Juvederm Volbella and Voluma. You can read more about each facial injection by clicking their respective link below. Do you have a question or any concerns about lip injections? Please call Lebowitz Plastic Surgery at (631) 424-0101 to schedule your FREE consultation!

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