My latest Laser Smart Liposuction video is of the breast, lateral chest, and upper back in my Huntington, Long Island NY office. This patient had just undergone laser smart liposuction of the neck (Neck Liposuction Video), and returns now for further body sculpturing. A previous breast reduction left her breast somewhat “boxy” and she desired contouring of her breasts, lateral chest, upper back, and underarm for a more toned and contoured look. This was accomplished by using my custom tailored Laser Smart Liposuction technique. After her consultation and examination, I custom tailored my Laser Smart Liposuction procedure to meet her desires. I use local anesthesia to save my patients thousands of dollars and three laser wavelengths to complete her new look. The three laser wavelengths are mixed and blended to gently the deep fat, followed by superficial tightening of the skin around the targeted areas. By custom tailoring the procedure, I was able to reduce and sculpt her underarm region to provide shape to her torso while her arms are in motion. My patients are pleased to know that Laser Smart Liposuction procedures are permanent – the fat does not return or transfer elsewhere! The skin will also continue to tighten and improve over time, usually within 6-to-12 months. I encourage all my patients to follow a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise to maintain their new look. I am always willing to discuss nutritional and exercise advice. Patients that request Laser Smart Liposuction of the breast, lateral chest and/or upper back region are also interested in my other cosmetic procedures of body contouring including neck lifts, arms lifts as well as abdominal sculpturing procedures. You can read more by clicking their respective link below. Do you have a question about laser liposuction? Please call Lebowitz Plastic Surgery at (631) 424-0101 to schedule your FREE consultation!

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