One of the most popular pages on my website is the “Pricing and Payment Options” page. This fact is not surprising, as consumers of the 21st century often feel financially stressed, squeezed, and crunched due to increasingly expensive fundamental needs. Although it is commonly understood that plastic and cosmetic surgery is expensive, I am a plastic surgeon practicing in Huntington, Long Island New York that will offer you tailored and customized treatments to meet your individual needs at a very affordable price.

You may ask yourself, “why consult with Dr. Lebowitz regarding your plastic surgery needs, as there are hundreds of cosmetic surgeons on Long Island and in the surrounding Manhattan and New Jersey areas.” The fact is, I am patient-centered and will listen and attend to your specific concerns, needs, and wishes within an affordable and reasonable price range. I truly understand the value and meaning of money and will formulate a treatment plan within your budget. With regard to the Long Island, New York cosmetic and plastic surgery market, my fee structure and payment options are competitive. I offer a variety of cosmetic treatments at affordable prices with safe and predictable results tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Additionally, I offer my patients at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery in Huntington, Long Island New York a wealth of skills and experiences that I have developed over 25 years of practice and training at one of the top and finest medical training centers in the world. I operate at my safe, clean, and private office, typically using Local Anesthesia with oral sedation. My staff at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery are professionals and experts at what they do. My practice focuses 100% on cosmetic procedures and has an outstanding reputation for top-notch results, customized to meet each of my individual patients needs, desires, and wishes.

My fees encompass the cost and use of the office facility, Local Anesthesia, needed medical supplies, my Registered Nurse as well as my surgical fee. Any necessary garments and prescriptions, advised by me, will be the patient’s responsibility. We do, however, order all of the garments on behalf of the patients being treated at a discounted surgeon’s price. If an individual is receiving multiple procedures at once, a discount is typically deducted from the sum of the combined procedures performed.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the final pricing of your specific procedure. Such factors include but are not limited to complexity of the surgery, nature of the procedure, and the technique needed to give you an excellent result. As a cosmetic surgeon having practiced for over 25 years, I perform numerous procedures that are both unique and complex. Despite such complexity, I have years of experience and a proven track record for success and satisfied patients.

We accept all major credit cards, ATM cards, cash, and personal checks. We aim to make Plastic Surgery affordable. By using local anesthesia in my state-of-the-art office facility, I am able to pass the savings on to you with reasonably priced services.

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