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Botox Cosmetic Do you feel as though you carry the weight of the world on your face? Women and men of Long Island and the surrounding Manhattan New York areas lead very busy lifestyles. This beckons for convenient and effortless ways to feel more attractive and self-confident. One non-surgical option to refresh and refine your look is Botox. Many individuals believe that the purpose of Botox is just to soften wrinkles. However, at Lebowitz Plastic surgery in Huntington Long Island NY, Dr. Lebowitz, an expert injector serving patients from Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the surrounding Manhattan and New Jersey communities, has expanded the horizons of Botox usage. Botox has become the number one cosmetic treatment in the United States. Many women and men pursue injectable services in an effort to enhance their appearance with no recovery time needed. At Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lebowitz has the ability to perform five-minute non-invasive procedures that can not only relax wrinkles on your forehead with this anti-wrinkling agent but can also elevate your eyebrows and open as well as soften crows feet on the corners of your eyes. In addition, as an expert injector, Dr. Lebowitz can smooth wrinkles on your upper lip, elevate the tip of your nose, reduce the wrinkles of your lower eyelid, and even soften the tension in your chin, the so-called “peau d’orange” (peel of the orange). Furthermore, Dr. Lebowitz can utilize Botox to reduce jowls of the neck by the “Nefertiti lift” and can even reduce the vertical muscle bands of the neck.

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Botox, a neuromodulater, is injected into a patient’s site of concern. This will relax the muscles that cause wrinkles, softening their contraction. Following this procedure, wrinkles are reduced and results will be observed within 7-10 days. Outcomes typically last three to five months, at which time re-treatment is recommended to maintain your look. Many patients elect to combine their Botox treatment with other non-invasive injectables, such as Juvederm to sculpt lips, Radiesse to add volume to cheeks, or Belotero to fill tear troughs of the eyes. Dr. Lebowitz listens and treats each of his patients as individuals, attending to their specific concerns, desires, and needs. Please call Lebowitz Plastic Surgery on Green Street, in Huntington Long Island NY at 631-424-0101 for a FREE consultation.

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