Tear Trough Filling Treatment

Tear trough filling is a minimally invasive alternative to surgical treatments that help correct or rejuvenate the lower eyelid. By injecting a dermal filler beneath the surface of the skin, we here at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery can help our patients achieve a softened, smooth and natural look that adds volume to depressed areas along the tear trough, as well as add volume to the lower eye lid. The result is less sagging and a younger appearance without the need for a blepharoplasty (eye surgery).

Here at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer our patients tear trough filling using the blunt cannula technique. This innovative new way of administering dermal fillers is performed without the use of local anesthetic, yet causes virtually no pain and leaves no bruising following the injection. We’ve found that Belotero is especially effective for filling the tear troughs, as it has been shown to provide volume without leaving blue discoloration, also known as the ‘tindel effect’.

For more information about tear trough filling and whether it’s right for you, contact the staff here at Lebowitz Plastic surgery to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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