Temple Filling Treatment

Though the cheeks, lips and eyes seem to be the most popular subjects of dermal fillers, volume loss occurs throughout the face – including the temples. With age, the temples may thin and begin to indent. This effectively changes the shape of the face, with many people complaining that it causes ‘peanut face’. It is common for patients to elect to have their temples filled in at the same time as the cheeks and forehead to achieve balance and a youthful appearance.

Here at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, we are happy to provide our patients with temple filling using the blunt cannula technique, which significantly reduces or altogether eliminates pain during the procedure and bruising afterward. Depending on our patients needs, we may use Juvaderm or Radiesse – each of which offers immediate volumizing results. Temple filling results generally last as long as six months to a year, though each patient’s experience and results will vary.

For more information about temple filling at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, including information about the blunt cannula technique, Juvaderm, or Radiesse, contact us today.

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