Laser Vein Removal

Unsightly veins plague nearly half of the American adult population – especially the ‘spider’ veins that often appear just beneath the surface of the skin on the legs. These red, blue and purple blood vessels appear in jagged clusters that take on a web-like appearance. Though they are usually relatively harmless, spider veins can be unattractive and cause embarrassment when wearing leg-revealing clothing. Fortunately, laser vein removal is available to help fade unwanted veins and eventually cause them to disappear.

During laser vein removal, a doctor directs an intense laser beam of light into the treatment area. The energy from this beam helps destroy the vein, though it may take more than one treatment session to achieve desirable results. Laser vein removal is minimally invasive compared to other vein removal treatments, and it requires minimal recovery time. Most patients can return to normal activity soon after treatment and can return to our office for subsequent laser vein removal treatments within 6 to 12 weeks.

For more information about laser vein removal in Huntington, contact our office here at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery. We’ll schedule a consultation to determine whether you are a candidate for vein removal treatment.

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