Laser Smart Liposuction of the Calves in Huntington, Long Island NY

No matter the season, women and men living on Long Island and in the surrounding Manhattan and New Jersey communities consider the legs to be an important focal point. Many individuals want to wear strappy sandals, high heels, or high over the calf boots in order to accentuate sexy leg muscles and lean calves that today define health and fitness. Despite healthy eating habits and frequent exercise, many of us store fat in our lower legs, wrapping our calves in an unwanted layer of fat, hiding our natural and beautiful muscular contours. Although there are natural factors that are known to increase stubborn fat around the calves, such as the natural aging process, slowing of the metabolism, enlarging of fat cells after puberty, and genetics, there is a solution to help increase your confidence when showing off your legs: Huntington, NY Laser Smart Liposuction of the Calves at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery.

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your legs and calves, constantly seeking to hide this area of your body under long pants and skirts on the hot and most humid summer days? Do you refuse to show off your legs and bear all at the many beaches surrounding the Long Island, Manhattan, and New Jersey communities? This region of the body is a common complaint amongst both females and males despite extra efforts to diet, exercise, and eat “clean”. With the numerous family and work responsibilities that many individuals living on Long Island and in the surrounding Manhattan and New Jersey communities take on, you may feel as though you do not have enough time in the day to focus on yourself and achieve that toned, fit, and tight leg contour. Dr. Lebowitz on Green Street in Huntington, Long Island NY can help you gain confidence so that you feel comfortable wearing the revealing bikinis and board-shorts that you see many females and males sporting today as well as the many sandals, high heels, and over the calf boots that are becoming increasingly popular.

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Let’s Get Started!

Dr. Lebowitz at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery in Huntington, Long Island NY can help you get that sexy and toned leg appearance you’ve always wanted. At Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, your Long Island Laser Smart Liposuction of the calves procedure will be customized to meet your individual needs. Following a thorough examination, while listening to your specific preferences and concerns, Dr. Lebowitz will discuss the best course of treatment to reach your goals.

Using laser technology, Dr. Lebowitz will remove, reshape, and tighten unwanted fat and skin in these areas, while sculpting these regions into the smooth, tight, and toned calves that you have always wanted. Through inconspicuously placed incisions, Dr. Lebowitz will introduce a dilute anesthetic solution, as local anesthesia, into the areas being treated. The Smart Liposuction Triplex laser will then be placed through the same small discreet openings to melt and liquefy the unwanted fat, followed by tightening the skin using a blend of three different laser wave lengths. Lastly, small hollow tubes, or “cannulas”, will be placed through these same small slits to gently aspirate and remove the liquefied unwanted fat, leaving patients with beautifully contoured leg and calf regions.

In many cases, patients who request Laser Smart Liposuction of the calves procedures at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery will also choose to obtain Laser Smart Liposuction in other areas, such as the inner thighs, outer thighs, and knees to complete their new tight, toned, and smooth leg contour.

Dr. Lebowitz serves patients from Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island and the near Manhattan and New Jersey communities. Please call Lebowitz Plastic Surgery on Green Street, in Huntington, Long Island NY at 631-424-0101 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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