Neck Lift Surgery & Laser Smart Liposuction in Huntington, Long Island New York

Women and men living on Long Island and in the surrounding Manhattan and New Jersey communities lead very busy lives, consisting of social, family, and career demands. With years of these responsibilities, it is only natural for signs of aging and fatigue to display themselves on the neck. Not only can daily responsibilities impact the appearance of an individuals neck, but gravity, genetics, weight loss, environmental factors, and lifestyle habits can also contribute to aging of this area, resulting in loose or sagging skin and sometimes excess fat. Due to the “on-the-go” lifestyle that many women and men living on Long Island and the surrounding Manhattan and New Jersey communities lead, a quick, minimally invasive, in-office procedure is desired to produce a long lasting result and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Lebowitz on Green Street in Huntington, Long Island New York has the answer: neck lift in Huntington, Long Island New York. Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery performs his in-office neck lift procedure under local anesthesia, saving his patients thousands of dollars on this popular cosmetic procedure.

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Dr. Lebowitz at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery in Huntington, Long Island New York can help you get back that tight, smooth, and youthful neck you once had. At Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, your Long Island neck lift procedure will be customized to meet your individual needs. Following a thorough examination, while listening to your specific preferences and concerns, Dr. Lebowitz will discuss the best course of treatment to reach your goals.

Dr. Lebowitz performs neck lift surgery under local anesthesia in his office on Green Street. Incisions will be inconspicuously placed in the natural crease of the skin in front of and behind the ear. Neck lifts for males will have the incisions fall into the natural beard lines.

During your customized neck lift procedure, Dr. Lebowitz will focus on the deep layers of your neck, separating the skin from the muscle, lifting and/or trimming the drooping skin and neck muscles, and finally re-draping the skin and closing the incisions to establish a tighter and more youthful neck and jaw line appearance.

A less invasive, yet still long-lasting approach to the neck is Laser Smart Liposuction of the neck. Using laser technology, Dr. Lebowitz will remove, reshape, and tighten unwanted fat and skin in this area of concern, while sculpting your neck into the smooth, tight, and contoured neck region that you have always wanted. Through inconspicuously placed incisions, Dr. Lebowitz will introduce a dilute anesthetic solution, as local anesthesia, into the neck. The Smart Liposuction Triplex laser will then be placed through the same small discreet openings to melt and liquefy the unwanted fat, followed by tightening the skin using a blend of three different laser wave lengths. Lastly, small hollow tubes, or “cannulas”, will be placed through these same slits to gently aspirate and remove the liquefied unwanted fat, leaving patients with a beautifully sculpted, tight, and youthful neck region.

In addition to a neck lift procedure, many patients of Dr. Lebowitz choose to complete their refreshed and rejuvenated neck look by adding eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) to minimize dropping upper eyelids, a brow and forehead lift procedure to reduce horizontal lines on your forehead, drooping eyebrows, and vertical creases between your eyebrows, and/or Botox and facial fillers in Huntington, Long Island New York.

Dr. Lebowitz serves patients from Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island and the near Manhattan and New Jersey communities. If you are interested in a brow and forehead lift or any of our other cosmetic procedures, please call Lebowitz Plastic Surgery on Green Street, in Huntington, Long Island New York at 631-424-0101 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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