A torn, stretched, gauged or split earlobe repair is a very common cosmetic and plastic surgical procedure. A split earlobe can occur fairly easy; such as from trauma, a sports injury, wearing heavy earrings or even due to natural stretching of the earlobe’s skin itself. A poorly placed piercing too low on the lobe can also result in an easy tear, resulting in a cleft deformity.

As a simple in office procedures, under local anesthesia, cosmetic repair of your earlobes can be safely accomplished. The resulting scar is inconspicuous and re-piercing can be performed in about a months time.

View My Latest Split & Gauged Earlobe Repair Videos!

Do you want to restore the natural beauty and shape of your earlobe? Wishing to wear attractive earrings or studs? Please give Dr. Lebowitz, at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, in Huntington, Long Island NY a call for your free consultation.

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